About Project

Konstantin Eduardovich Tsiolkovsky is known all over the world as one of the founding fathers of rocketry and astronautics. But there is a great part of Tsiolkovsky ‘s heritage which little people know about. Using scientific methods, the scientist worked out a doctrine regarding sense of life and its understanding. K. Tsiolkovsky named this aggregate of ideas and hypotheses ‘Space philosophy’.

We can figure out how important these researches were for the Humankind from Tsiolkovsky’s own assertion that creation of his rocket science theory was only a complementary result, an addition to his philosophic works.

The scientist wrote a great number of philosophical works, which are little-known to general reader because these works used to be suppressed for decades. Our Project is an attempt to break through the “plot of silence” over the philosophy created by the Russian space prophet.

  • Does God exist?
  • Do Spirits exist?
  • What is Soul?
  • What is the difference between “animate” and “inanimate”?
  • Are human beings alien to the planet Earth?
  • Are there any inhabitants on our planet more sophisticated than a Man?
  • What are the rights and duties of a Man on the Earth?
  • Who is capable of guiding the Humankind?
  • What is in store for the Humankind?
  • What principles should the mechanism of government be based on in the future?

In numerous research Tsiolkovsky have been trying to find answers to these questions. Alas, the results of these studies are unknown not only to the general reader, but also to specialists – even though knowing these answers will determine the future of all mankind in the nearest future.

The main objective of this project is to make philosophic works of the great Russian scientist and visionary Konstantin Tsiolkovsky publicly available, i.e. absolutely free of charge, so that people could reading them from any personal computer or mobile device.

Many of these works, including previously unpublished papers, are already available in PDF format from “Cosmic philosophy” section of this website – completely FREE of charge.

You can help us re-energize these priceless works. Share information about them with your friends, spread information about the project in the Internet.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Tsiolkovsky`s Cosmic Philosophy