About the keeper of the scientist’s personal archive

The keeper of the personal archive of Konstantin Eduardovich Tsiolkovsky (1857 – 1935), inventor and scientist, is Archive of Russian Academy of Sciences.

 The personal archive of Tsiolkovsky (fund #555) consists of 5 inventories, containing 1979 folders with 31680 sheets of various documents.

 The information resource called ‘Tsiolkovsky Archive’ was developed by Department of insurance documentary fund from the Archive of Russian Academy of Sciences. It is a database, describing one of the sections of the users’ microfiche fund of the Archive of Russian Academy of Sciences – namely, the personal archive of a famous Russian inventor and scientist Konstantin Tsiolkovsky.

 To provide specialists, interested in this material, with navigation and search capabilities, appropriate applications were developed. Such fields in the records, as ‘file #’, ‘file name’, ‘type of material’, ‘document creation date’ allow users to effectively navigate in all the variety of documents and carry out search for interesting sections, order copies of documents from the fund keeper.

 Presently, 100% of the documents in the archive is digitalized and are available to all users. The total number of documents equals 31680 pages.

 Creation of ‘Tsiolkovsky Archive’ information resource are carried out within the framework of the program called ‘Integration of information resources of Archive of Russian Academy of Sciences into the Portal of Russian Academy of Sciences’.