Preface to all my works (1932)

“In my works I avoid mentioning other works of similar kind. But it absolutely does not mean that I value only works of my own and do not appreciate other toilers of science. Everything I write is certainly inspired by reading books and works by other authors. My conduct is caused not by egoism, not by excessive conceit, but by wish to smoothen things down for both myself and a reader by not piling up names and references.

 This is evidenced by the fact that I am ready to retract any claim of priority, whatever I wrote. Let everything be considered borrowings – no hard feelings on my part; and I even already do not recourse to patenting or claiming my priority.

 Even if I am the last among people of science, it does not offend me.”

“Preface to all my works”, K. Tsiolkovsky, 1932.